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Colleen Maree of Exotic Design Studio has designed and handmade all the selections on this page. Please Contact her if you cannot see a colour or design to suit your individual size and Colleen will be happy to consult with you to create something truly unique.

The earhooks have been handmade using either 14kt goldfilled wire or sterling silver.

The Vintage Beads have been collected over the years from various sources and are are usually the last ones available in that colour or shape which makes the earrings a one of a kind.

The length of each earring has been measured from where it goes through the hole in your ears and this is the total length of the earring.




Wrapped Glass beads- detail from the earrings on page 1


Earring - Gold Filled Wire with Blush Pink FWP & Czech Crystal

Earring - Gold Filled Wire with Skulls & Black Czech Crystal

Earring - Gold Filled Wire with Teal Glass Pearls & Shell Spears

Hand-Made Earhooks in 14Kt Gold Filled Wire with Natural Blush pink freshwater pearls & pink czech crystal encased in goldfilled wire. Length from top = 85mm (3.35 inches) Earhook length 35mm (1.35inch) Hand-Made 14 kt Goldfilled Wire 30mm Open Hoop Earhooks with resin skulls and black czech crystals. Length from top = 85mm (3.35 inches) Earhook Length Hand-Made 14 kt Goldfilled wire Hoop Earhooks with teal blue glass pearl and colour enhanced shell spears with goldtone metallice square accent beads.Wrapped in Goldtone Artwire. Length from Top = 85mm (3.35 inches) Earhook Length 25mm (1 inch)

$24.95 AUD

$24.95 AUD

$24.95 AUD

Earring-Gold Filled Wire Vintage Vermillion & white round glass beads

Earring - Gold Filled Wire Gold Metallic bead and Red Vintage Glass Beads

Earring - Gold Filled Wire Lapis Lazuli, White Freshwater Pearls

Hand-Made 20mm Open Hoop Earhooks in 14kt Goldfilled wire with Vintage glass Vermillion coloured beads that have white squares with black dots in the centre. Length from top = 40mm (1.6 inch) Hand-Made 14kt Goldfilled wire open hoop earrings with red irridescent vintage glass beads and a goldtoned metallic feature bead encased in goldtoned Artwire. Length from top = 75mm (2.95 inch) Earhook length 25mm (1 inch) Hand-Made Open Hoop Earhooks in 14kt GFW with Natural Lapis Lazuli beads & White Freshwater Pearls wrapped in 14kt Gold filled Wire. Length from top = 90mm (3.54inch) Earhook length = 20mm (0.8inch)

$24.95 AUD Sold

$24.95 AUD

$24.95 AUD

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